The Time is Meow, Do It Meow!

I’m the kind of person who procrastinates on schoolwork (office work or whatever work you have in mind) by cleaning my room, reading books not related to school, playing with my dogs or simply by sleeping. But now I can sort of beat the laziness in me just by wearing this shirt and living what the catchy statement says because what I wear gives a glimpse of my personality, right? The basic tee also reminds me of Nike’s famous line, “Just do it!” I’ve realized that we don’t have all the time here on Earth so the best time to start is now. Don’t expect everything to be perfect before doing something because most of the time, waiting for a perfect condition ends up not getting anything done. If we are expected to do something, start learning and investing time meow. Let’s all embark now and God will help us through!


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