The Time is Meow, Do It Meow!

I’m the kind of person who procrastinates on schoolwork (office work or whatever work you have in mind) by cleaning my room, reading books not related to school, playing with my dogs or simply by sleeping. But now I can sort of beat the laziness in me just by wearing this shirt and living what […]

Fashionista of the Month at Star Central International Magazine

I am very humbled and grateful to be part of Star Central Magazine’s hot list of the month. Here is the link to my feature: But just in case you are lazy like me lol, I attached below my article. Nina or Monina Magno Nuguid is a 21-year old devoted follower of fashion and is currently based […]

Street Style

Since I style depending on my mood, I enjoy the fun of being able to put different color combinations, patterns, and pieces together. I tried rocker chic, bohemian style, modern retro look, classic preppy, laid back outfit, and this, street style.   Lazy days call for casual outfits like this flattering pair of distressed jeans. […]