This morning, my sister and I decided to go grocery shopping. Since we just recently ordered a single stroller from furmoms, we took advantage of the opportunity to bring along our boss baby, Duffy.

Meet Duffy. Aside from him being the youngest (shih tzu) member of the family, Duffy is really special — literally and figuratively. He was born with Swimmer Syndrome. For those not familiar with the syndrome, this is what it actually looks like.

Duffy – two/three weeks old

Swimmer Puppy Syndrome is a congenital disease that leaves the puppy with weak limbs, which can lead to inability to stand at the normal age of three weeks. The reason why it’s called ‘swimmer’ is because the puppy lays on his chest and paddles his feet as if attempting to swim in a turtle-like fashion.

Here’s a video of Duffy with swimmer syndrome

Fortunately, Duffy, once diagnosed with swimmer puppy syndrome, miraculously learned to walk following weeks of home-care treatment. My dad made an improvised ankle brace to help straighten up Duffy’s legs. He would also massage Duffy’s feet at least every two hours for a minute or so.

Woohoo look at Duffy’s transformation! He is now one year and five months and we believe he’s now fully recovered, although he is still not fond of walking on a leash up to date (so as my two other shih tzus, Winter and Elite).

Winter – Duffy’s grandmother

Elite – Duffy’s mom


Duffy likes being outdoors but doesn’t like going for walks, ironic huh? So to get some fresh air, Furmom’s stroller is the perfect and new must have accessory for him and my other babies. Aside from the pet stroller keeping my dogs from getting wet in the rain, it also makes it easier to take my dogs to places. Whether going to a grocery store, restaurant or to a park, my dogs will definitely have a safe and familiar place to rest.

One thing I like about the stroller is that it has enough room for more than one pet. It can comfortably fit two to three dogs.

I also like the fact that it has a secure storage that can hold important items like some water, dog food, bag, and the like.

Another thing is that even when fully enclosed, its window gives enough visibility for dogs to stay calm and safe.   

Lastly, the assembling is fast and easy even without tools. So as folding and unfolding the stroller to fit in the car.  

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