If there is one thing that might not surprise people about me, it is that I am very family-oriented. I treat time with loved ones as once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not afford to miss. That’s why when I noticed my family was a bit dreary the other day, I decided to find time to make the day more memorable by organizing a little picnic surprise for the fambam despite my hectic lifestyle.

The picnic idea is perfect for the summer season. What better way to relax outdoors in this weather and spend some quality time with family than a picnic at the park, right?

So if you’re planning one, then here are three tips, checklist, and/or items you need for a successful picnic this summer!

Tip 1: Choose a peaceful scenic location.

For an exclusive picnic setting, look for an outdoor spot that is covered or not too sunny, not polluted, and not too crowded. But for a more fun picnic with numerous activities and amenities, eco park is a popular option.Take note that the key here is to prepare for all possible outcomes. Always plan out and have a backup plan for everything.Tip 2: Prepare a simple picnic feast.

Plan a simple menu that will not spoil quickly when left out in the sun. I suggest taking advantage of the summer season. Either make or order some healthy meals with fresh fruits and vegetables to munch on.Tip 3: Remember to pack a picnic basket.This is so important! Aside from food, don’t forget to bring some paper cups, plates, utensils, trashbags, and a picnic blanket to sit or lie down on. If you want to make a DIY waterproof picnic blanket, sew a shower curtain to the bottom. This will definitely prevent grass and mud stains to the bottom of your picnic blanket. For the other items, let me share my ultimate secret! When it comes to buying table napkins, Cheers is by far the best.  Oh, but have you heard of Cheers?

For those who are not familiar, Cheers is a brand of quality hygienic napkins in all configurations, kitchen and paper towels and other party or get-together needs such as starchbased cutleries and trash bags. Now, they have the Cheers Picnic Set and this is literally like an all in one picnic basket. The Cheers Picnic Set offers cutlery, pull naps and garbage bags (not to mention that their trashbags can handle any clean-up!) in a nice picnic basket-inspired box. This is being offered at a reasonable price for only P60 SRP and offers consumers savings as actual cost of the products is P77.75. Other stores are offering it at an even lower price at P50. The set is available in SM, Puregold, Robsinsons and Metro supermarkets. I honestly like the Cheers Picnic Set, not only because the set is affordable but also because it is very handy and a lifesaver for picnics. I actually think that there cannot be a hassle-free instant party or outdoor event without it.Cheers to life and Cheers to everyday, indeed! Bring life to everyday celebrations and turn ordinary moments into something special.

How about you, what’s your Cheers moment? 🙂

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