Travel Essentials

Let’s admit it, packing is the hardest part of traveling. I remember once I packed a little too much: six pairs of shoes, four pairs of jeans, laptop, three books, and all that just in case items for vacation. Over-packing is unnecessary because in reality, half of it will probably not be used. So for […]


If there is one thing that might not surprise people about me, it is that I am very family-oriented. I treat time with loved ones as once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not afford to miss. That’s why when I noticed my family was a bit dreary the other day, I decided to […]

Visual Diary: Iloilo – Guimaras

Maayong ugto Iloilo ✈️ Casa Real de Iloilo At the roadshow forum on the newly approved National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (NDRRMF) Guidelines Taklong Island National Marine Reserve Guimaras Visiting Guimaras for the first time allowed me to appreciate not only the scenery but also the Local Government and NGO engagement in disaster response. […]
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