Sunnies Specs Party

I bet a lot of my readers here have heard about Sunnies Studios and those who are a fan of their Sunnies will be happy to know about the recently released brand called… In less than two years after launching Sunnies, the owners noticed a subtle but growing trend: various Sunnies pieces were being converted […]

BFF Beauty Bonding

16th June, 2016 — Clozette has partnered with Matrix Philippines for the BFF Beauty Bonding Hair Repair Event that aims to make the crowning glory as strong, healthy, and beautiful as the unbreakable bonds we have with our BFFs. With my blogger bestie “Having a BFF is like having a sister outside your home. Bonding with […]

TW Steel Maverick Launch

TW Steel shakes up father time in 2016, launching the adventurous Maverick Collection. Inspired by the ground-breaking Son of Time masterpiece, the Maverick Collection takes TW Steel’s bold attitude, blends in cool vintage styling and twists it all together to deliver a totally fresh take on time. The hugely successful Son of Time project brought […]