To start this article off right, let me say that I absolutely love Clinique in general! I remember vividly how I was turned on to the brand by my mother. She has been using their skin care products since I was young, so I eventually got interested in trying out some of their products as […]

How to Stay Positive

Have you ever felt like giving up on a task because you lost your motivation along the way or maybe you were just too tired and discouraged? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone because bruhhh, I feel you. So to make you smile a bit, let me send you a warm […]

Revlite Laser Treatment Review

Most women, if not all, long for flawless blemish-free skin. We admire those gorgeous ladies with close-to-perfect-skin like the ones we see on TV commercials; but let’s be honest, how many here really put the time and effort to maintain their healthy smooth glowing skin? Reality check: when we fail to take care of our […]